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Jan. 16th, 2005 @ 08:29 am C'est Finí!
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Good morning everybody!

Yes yes, I finally finished the Wool Weaver's Mini Shawl for my grandma that was supposed to be a christmas present! I do not have a camera, but Here is the pattern, and my shawl is just a tad smaller because I got tired of spinning a whole bobbin and only having enough for 3-4 rows *grin*. I've knit it with hand-spun hand-dyed yarn, I bought the fleece at a spin-in, and it's some kind of bastard sheep who doesen't know if it is a Gotland Sheep or what :D I wanted to dye it black/yellow but since I had only had succes with red/blue/lilacs before this was doomed to fail: A very pretty dark green with almost-but-not-quite-yellow streaks!

The things this shawl taught me:
I'm allergic to lanolin! :((
Spinning 3-ply takes almost too long time, even though the yarn is 3 times prettier than 1-ply ;)
Gauge gauge gauge....

Have a nice day, and now off to my other shawl... plans have been changed once more, must go edit post again (for 5'th time, methinks).
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